Selah and the Spades Amazon Prime 2020 – Cast. Trailer, Releasing Date, Plot and More

By | April 15, 2020

Amazon prime videos are here with the new Drama Selah and the Spades Amazon Prime 2020, its an American drama Shows the life of some teenagers who study in High School. The Series has the same Concept showing the life of Teen girls and their problems. We All Know Amazon prime never Back off as they are here again with the Series. here you can get the Selah and the Spades Cast, Selah and the Spades Trailer, Selah and the Spades release Date and plot so Read the full article and enjoy the blog.

Selah and the Spades Amazon Prime

Selah and the Spades Amazon Wiki

Name of the Movie Selah and the Spades Amazon
Selah and the spades where to watch Amazon Prime videos
Selah and the Spades Release Date 17 April 2020
Language English
Selah and the Spades Trailer Watch it from below

Selah and the Spades Plot

Selah and the Spades Amazon Prime

The Story is about a Group who lives in Pennsylvania and Study in a High School name Haldwell School. As they all Five are Responsible to maintain the Existence of th School. The 17 years old Selah Summers is a Head of the Group and Everyone in the group has to obey her for any Decision or task execution.

Selah and the Spades Cast

Lovie Simone Selah
Jharrel Jerome Maxxie
Celeste O’Connor Paloma
Ana Mulvoy Ten Bobby
Jesse Williams Headmaster
Nekhebet Kum Juch Nuri
Francesca Noel Amber B
Henry Hunter Hall Tarit
Krish Bhuva Mooks
Benjamin Breault David
Debbie Aboaba Ilana
Rae Bell Lulu
Jessie Cannizzaro Narrator
Ryan Cannister High School Student
Kayla Caulfield High School Student
Christy Coco Morgan M.
Casey Grace Murtagh Bria
Greyson Cage
Luke Crory Student
Thea Nickolas Morgan R.Thea Nickolas as Morgan R
Ali Fisher June
Thea Nickolas Morgan R.
Kenneth Israel Phil
Kevin Mambo Mitchell
Melissa McMeekin x Mitchell
Christy Coco Morgan M.
Cody Sloan Cooper
Evan Roe Two Tom
Zachariah Supka Track Star
Luis G. Nuñez Ayman

Selah and the Spades Watch Online

Selah and the Spades Amazon Prime

You can watch the Series online on amazon prime Videos as the selah and the spades release date is been Scheduled on 17th of the April so watch this Epic Movie and Share your Reviews via the Comments.

Selah and the Spades Trailer

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