Samantar Watch Online – Streaming Now On Mx Player, Reviews & Release Date

By | April 6, 2020

MX Player is here again with the new Amazing Web Series which will surely give you goosebumps, The name of the show is samantar mx original. As we all know MX player Provide us Free Content in this paid era and they always give us great content for sure.

So read the full article as we have added some details about the samantar episode, samantar total episode, and samantar series cast and mx player samantar watch online

Samantar Watch Online

Samantar MX Original Review

As you start watching the Samnatar episode you will definitely want to complete the whole series as the story is best written you will find extra connectivity to the samantar series cast as samantar Swapnil Joshi played the role so perfectly. The overall Story is full of thrill, Suspense and Twist so if you are thinking to watch this samantar MX original then you must watch this.

Samantar Series Cast

  • Swapnil Joshi
  • Tejswini Pandit
  • Nitish Bharadwaj
  • Jayant Sarvkar
  • Ganesh Revadkar
  • Nitin Bodhare

Direction by: Satish Rajwade

Samantar Wiki – Storyline

The whole story is about men who don’t have any faith in GOD, The Men belongs from a Middle-Class Family Who is Struggling for a Good Life as he every time meets new Trouble In his Life again and again. One of his Friends Tell him to meet an Astrologer so and when he met that Astrologer, the Astrologer told him that whatever it is facing now this all thing has happened to a person name Sudarshan Chakrapani and now he is searching that guy.

Samantar Total Episode – MX player samantar  Watch Online

There are 9 episodes in the समांतर वेब सिरीज as if you Samantar Watch Online you will find some episodes are of Small Duration. These are the names of the Episodes

    1. Identical Stranger
    2. Mishap
    3. Switch
    4. Blue Moon Cottage
    5. The Finding
    6. Sudarshan Chakrapani
    7. Past Life Crisis
    8. The Diaries
    9. Twist

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